Pr Is More Than a Promotion Element

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This essay will show that “Public Relations is little more than the ‘promotion’ element of Marketing the Marketing Mix”. Highlighting the different strategies, objectives, tactics and tools used in Public Relations, in helping organisations. There are several definitions depending on the persons understanding of PR some example are “little more than image building” or “reputation management […] where by PR mops up the mess left by the unscrupulous business practises” (Robert L. Heath, 2005). Although these are only educated guesses, academic definitions of PR state it as; •A management function

Covers broad range of activities and purposes in practise •Is regarded as two way or interactive
Planned. It is organised, not short term, and so on (Theaker, A 2004) There are theories and models in PR to aid an organisation in establishing better communication paths, one of the most common stated by Grunig and hunt, 1984 which states there are four stages to PR; •Publicity Model

Public Information Model
2 – way asymmetrical Model
2- way Symmetrical Model
Also known as one way models, because of the one line of communication from the organisation to the public; Publicity (Press Agentry) and Public Information models are used by organisations to spread information about the organisation, putting them in a positive light. This type of PR is commonly used in show business (Theaker, A 2004). There are different examples of the models being used in practise, with the Publicity model mainly focused on raising awareness within the desired public and the Public Information model, informing the publics about the positive aspects of the organisation (seen example 1 and 2 in appendices). The 2- way Asymmetrical model is where a two way line of communication is open between an organisation and its stakeholders. Even though stakeholders can communicate with the organisation there will be an imbalance or restriction on what can be said, allowing for the organisation to change stakeholder’s point of view on them (an example can be seen in the appendices). 2-way symmetrical models are seen as ‘the ideal of public relations’ because both the organisation and the stakeholders share and take on board each other’s ideas, to reach a common goal (an example in appendices), there have been cases where open lines of communication have been abused (example in appendices) causing people to be sceptical about the efficiency of 2-way symmetrical models. A simple look at these models show where the ‘reputation management’ comments’ comes from, Public Relations also has strategic implementations, where organisations set long-term goals and use their PR department to achieve them. With these strategic objectives PR has 9 steps that allows organisations to have a complete analysis of a situation, these are:

Analysing the situation
Analysing the organisation
Analysing the publics
Establishing Goals and objectives
Formulating Action and Response Strategies
Using Effective Communication
Choosing Communication Tactics
Implementing the Strategic Plan
Evaluating the Strategic Plan
(Smith, RD 2002)
This kind of planning can be seen when implementing a new brand element to a product, as branding can be used to create long term emotional attachments. An example of this can be seen in the case of coca cola, Christmas and Santa Claus. Coca cola commissioned an artist to create a Santa Claus to be advertised with Coca cola. •Analysing the situation: Coke realised people wanted a more constant depiction of Santa, who was more realistic and symbolic. •Analysing the organisation: although Santa was already depicted in a red suit having his new suit match the Coca cola colours was a good strategic move. •Analysing the publics: realising that people wanted a constant view of Santa •Establishing Goals and objectives: Goal; having Coca-Cola, Christmas and Santa synonymous with each other, objectives; re brand Santa,...
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