Power Writing Strategy

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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* This is a 5 - step strategy which will help you to better organise your written work. * Use this strategy every time you need to write something for an assignment or an exam. Step 1:
P = Plan
* Read the question (3 times) and underline the key words, i.e. the main pieces of information which are being looked for. * Write the key words in a circle on a page.
* Brainstorm or 5 minutes, write down everything you want to say in your answer around that circle so that your answer begins to look like a spider. * Read over the points which you have written and see if you can link them with each other. Step 2:

O = Organise
* Now check the points which you have linked together.
* Write down beside each point which paragraph you will include it in. * Now, on another page, write down the headings of each paragraph. * Write down, in bullet form, the points you will include under each paragraph. * This is the skeleton for your assignment.

Step 3.
W = Write
* Now start writing!
* Stick to the skeleton which you arranged in steps 1 and 2 and include the main points in each paragraph. * Also include any points which you may have left out in steps 1 and 2. Step 4.
E = Edit
* Read over what you’ve just written.
* Ask yourself: ‘how does it sound? Am I answering the question?’ * Omit sentences / parts of sentences where necessary.

Step 5.
R = Revise
* Check over your work again.
* Check for any spelling or grammar errors.
* Correct them if necessary.
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