Topics: Critical thinking, Epistemology, Reasoning Pages: 3 (345 words) Published: November 14, 2009
General Paper Research Project

To be undertaken by all students during the end-of-year study break Be conscientious in your approach to this task; it will aid you tremendously in your preparation for the General Paper next year.

| |Guiding questions |Objective | |1 |What can I find out about this topic? |To conduct exploratory research and building up background knowledge to get an overview | |2 |How can I break this topic up into sub-topics? |To get more in-depth knowledge of the topic | | | | | |3 |What are the key words and issues? |To identify key issues that stem from this topic | | | | | | | |Tip: use a search engine and note down recurring words from articles, commentaries and | | | |research papers | | | | | | | |Hint: these issues are likely sources for essay question formulation | |4 |What are the: |To build up an understanding of the background and evolution of the topic | | |...
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