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Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Competition Pages: 3 (453 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Marketing Plan of Mercury Drug Corporation
I - Market Analysis

A. Target Market- Who are the customers ?
Everyone who are in need of medicine.

1. We will be selling primarily to ( check all the apply) Market Segment Total Percent of Business Private sector

2. We will be targeting customers by:
a. Product line we will target specific lines b. Geographic Ares? Which Area?
c. Industry? Our target Industry is
d. Others?
e. How much will our selected market spend on our type of product or service this coming year ?

B. Business Competition

1.Who are our business competitors?
Years in Business:
Market Share:
Product/Service features:

2. How competitive is the market?
a. High competitive
b. Medium competitive
c. Low competitive

3. List below your strengths and weakness compared to your business competition (Consider such areas as location, size of resources, reputation, services, personnel etc.)

C. Market Environment

1. The following are some important economic factors that will affect our product (such as country growth, industry health, economic trends, taxes, rising energy prices, etc.)

3. The following are some important government factors:
4. The following are other environmental factors that will affect our market, but over which we have no control:
II- Product or Services Analysis

A. Description
1. Describe here what the product/service...
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