Power Crisis in India

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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Power crisis in india
India wants to be a power on the world stage, but back home it's having power troubles of a more mundane variety. On july 30 and July 31, sweeping blackouts struck the country's north and east, leaving an estimated 700 million people -- nearly 10 percent of the world's population -- without electricity. Three grids have collapsed- north, northeastern, eastern When the grid collapses?

* The northern, western, north eastern, eastern are connected through AC transmission links and there is a free flow of power between these four regions. If there is no adequate redundancy in the system the tripping of one line can have an effect on the operation of the grid as a whole * Indian standards requiredgrid frequency to be maintained at 50hz * Fluctuation of frequency leads to grid collapse

Why the southern grid didn’t collapsed?
* It is connected to rest of country through HVDC transmission links. It is not integrated with northern grid. The dc connection connecting the southern grid to rest of the country controls the flow of current from and to the southern region What actually caused the crisis?

* States over drawing-drought-load dispatch centers 5 one for each grid –under power grid corporation a psu with a mandate to building and managing national grid * Frequency normally ranges b/n 49-50- overload- power cuts from the state then frequency falls below 49 causing a grid collapse * Circuit breakers- to check overload-failed or tampered with All these boil down to deficient power sector, inefficient transmission and distribution networks, state owned utilities that are close to bankruptcy…… Power scarcity:

* Demand –supply gap-summer-deficient monsoon
* Coal-60% of gen capacity- environmental clearance, land acquisition - grew at just 2.6 percent a year between 2001 and 2011 -- compared with nearly 8 percent annual growth in electricity demand during the same period. * plant load factor, a...
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