Power Crisis in Tamilnadu and Remedial Measure to over Come

Topics: Nuclear power, Electricity generation, Hydroelectricity Pages: 16 (4555 words) Published: September 5, 2010
The Power Crisis in Tamil Nadu Viable Remedial Measure to Over Come K Chandrasekar1* C Bharath Kumar2
Load shedding which was originally meant for an hour or so, has now been extended to Abstract: Electric generation system in Tamil Nadu is suffering with a serious problem of load shedding, power shortage due industrial and technological development without having any proper intension for increasing the resource of power. But we have the immense resource to fulfill our power need. As India is subtropical it can get a year around light energy and this energy can be used as power resource for the production of electricity. As it is a non exhaustible resource it can give year around output of power. Our nuclear mission is only to increase export of thorium based nuclear fuel but it should have an ultimate aim to fulfill the basic needs of the country. Without power we can’t imagine our life because we are inbounded with the technology which needs power as basic requirement for the development and easy living. Keywords: hydropower, radiation energy, hydrogen economy, transmission loss, power shortage.

three hours in many suburbs of the city, the industries in and around the city (High Tension power consumers) have been hit hard by strict regulations on hours of load shedding, with many units being forced to shut down operations for an entire day each week. Industry sources are also upset over the fact that while manufacturing units consume only 35% of the 9500 MW power consumption in Tamil Nadu, they are being forced to suffer load shedding far more than domestic consumers. Many units have begun operating shifts with the help of diesel generators, but this is proving to be an expensive solution which is affecting the bottom line. The multinationals are being given power at the expense of domestic companies. While there may be no basis for such a view, it does indicate that the state government has laid the ground for a potentially explosive situation on the power front. There is no short term solution to the power crisis in the city and the state. The state can still claim to have surplus power for it has around 10500 MW installed capacity. However real time production is less. But we are expecting relief will be there to some extent is expected when the Koodamkulam plant is commissioned in about six months from now. Most of the newly approved power units are only in the land identification stage right now. The losses in transmission and distribution of power are also significant with the State-Controlled Electricity Board not performing at expected levels.


The power crisis has come to stay in the

state of Tamil Nadu. For many months now, power cuts for over six hours in the towns and villages of the state have been the normal. Chennai, which till recently was spared the rigours of power shedding has now been brought into the ambit. In this position ‘a question on the state trying to attract more and more investment, giving assurances of uninterrupted power supply’. 1* K Chandrasekar, Department of electronics and communication engineering, Tamil Nadu College of engineering, Karumathampatti 641663 Mail: chandrasekar271@gmail.com Mobile: 9791218325 2 C Bharath Kumar, Department of electronics and communication engineering, Tamil Nadu College of engineering, Karumathampatti Mail:bharth95538@gmail.com Mobile: 9865395548

The state government has on the other hand approached HT (High Tension power consumers) consumers with a proposal that they share the cost of power during evening hours. This if accepted will ensure that there is some relief given to units that rely on generators for their power during evening and other peak requirements.


TOTAL RESOURCE USED FOR POWER GENERATION IN INDIA Fossil fuel Hydro Nuclear Other : 81.7% : 14.5% : 3.4% : 0.3%

Our power generation mainly depends on II. SHORTAGE OF POWER REASONS: the thermal power plant only but that resource cannot be used for...
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