Power Crisis in Bangladesh

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Power Crisis In Bangladesh

Power plays a great role wherever people lives and works in industry, agriculture, and transportation etc. The living standard and prosperity of a nation vary directly with increase in use of power. As technology is advancing the consumption of power is steadily rising. Sufficient and reliable source of electricity is a major prerequisite for a sustained and successful economic development effort and poverty reduction. In Bangladesh, 90 million of the populations out of 140 million do not have direct access to electricity and remaining 50 million people have access but reliable and quality power is still beyond their reach (BPDB, 2007). In order to achieve the growth rate, availability of a reasonably priced and reliable source of electricity is a prerequisite. Present generation of electric power in Bangladesh is not sufficient to meet the consumers growing demand. So it is not possible to ensure a constant supply of electric power to all consumers throughout the country. Moreover the demand is increasing day by day. So it is essential to set up more generating station for over demanding load.

Present Scenario And Causes:
At present, 53% of the total electricity generation of Bangladesh is from the power plants under public sector and 47% of the net generation of the country is from private sector. Even though many extra units both from public and private sector have been added to the national grid, the power crisis is still a big issue in the country. In public sector, most of our power stations of the country have become very old and they are operating lower than their rated capacity with derated machineries. The demand of electricity cannot not be met due to this insufficient production of electricity around the country and as most of our power stations depend primarily on natural gas as fuel, because of the shortage of gas supply some power plants are unable to produce power of their rated generation capacity. Beside natural gas based power plants, other power plants are Hydro Electric Plant at Kaptai, the coal based plant at Barapukuria and several other power plants around the country. But the insufficient gas supply has decreased the power generation capacity in the whole country. In most cases, we have failed to use our national resources to get maximum power output. Industrial production and house hold life are regularly hampered due to regular load shedding problem which is hampering our economy as well as making us lag behind.


As a result of the power crisis, degradation of the fossil fuel resource, deforestation, environmental pollution is going on which is causing natural disasters. If this situation continues, industries will face loss due to power crisis, production will become low and eventually economy of the country will fall behind which will cause the major industries to shut down resulting into poverty and unemployment.


In the perspective of Bangladesh we can solve the power crisis by biogas, solar energy, micro hydro, wind energy, ocean wave energy, tidal power which have been discussed thoroughly below.

In Bangladesh biogas is still a relatively new technology. In most of the places it is used to generate electricity to meet the household demands. But an agro-based country like Bangladesh produces huge amount of waste materials. Converting these waste materials into energy is economically advantageous as well as helpful to solve the issue of power crisis. In Bangladesh, recycling industry wastes raises a total of 436 t/d of material recovery. Moreover, 3,054 t/d of wastes is expected to be collected in 2015 and cumulative disposal volume is estimated at about 9 million tones by the end of 2015 . This huge amount of waste, most of which are compostable and have very good fermentation property can be easily used to produce electricity as well as the generated gas can be used for the cooking purpose....
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