Scope and Feasibility of Smart Grid Technology in Bangladesh

Topics: Smart grid, Electricity distribution, Electric power transmission Pages: 11 (2613 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Scope and feasibility of Smart Grid technology in Bangladesh Mahmud Adnan#1, Sami Muntasir*2
Department of EECS, North-South University
Plot-15, Block-B, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

Abstract— this paper initiates with a brief discussion on Smart Grid technologies and then moves on to present a brief overview of the current energy scenario of Bangladesh. The paper establishes the idea the possibilities of improving the current energy situation, which includes generation and distribution, through the implementation of smart grid. The paper then goes onto discuss the feasibility of operation of smart grids in terms of deployment, efficiency and cost effectiveness. The paper concludes with the possible effects that the establishment of smart grids would cause.

Keywords— Smart Grid, Generated Distribution, Renewable, Load-Shedding, Peak Demand, Feasibility, Bangladesh, Integration.


The utility industry has been utilizing advances in communication and information technology over the years in order to improve efficiency, reliability, security and quality of service. Increasing complexity in managing the bulk power grid, growing concerns for environment, energy sustainability and independence, demand growth and need for better service quality continue to increase the need for an application of such technologies. This leap toward a “smarter” grid is now widely referred to as “smart grid”.

Smart grid (SG) is envisioned to take advantage of all available modern technologies in transforming the current grid to one that functions more intelligently to facilitate: [1]

* Better situational awareness and operator assistance.

* Autonomous control actions to enhance reliability by increasing resiliency against component failures and natural disasters, and by eliminating or minimizing frequency and magnitude of power outages subject to regulatory policies, operating requirements, equipment limitations and customer preferences. Such control actions can be more responsive than human operator actions.

* Efficiency enhancement by maximizing asset utilization

* Resiliency against malicious attacks by virtue of better physical and IT security protocols.

* Integration of renewable resources including solar, wind, and various types of energy storage. Such integration may occur at any location in the grid ranging from the retail consumer premises to centralized plants. This will help in addressing environmental concerns and offer a genuine path toward global sustainability by adopting “green” technologies including electric transportation.

* Real-time communication between the consumer and utility so that end-users can actively participate and tailor their energy consumption based on individual preferences (price, environmental concerns, etc.).

* Improved market efficiency through innovative solutions for product types (energy, ancillary services, risks, etc.) available to market participants of all types and sizes.

* Higher quality of service – free of voltage sags and spikes as well as other disturbances and interruptions to power an increasingly digital economy.


So, what is a smart grid? A smart grid is the technology that incorporates advanced sensing technologies, control systems and integrated communications into the existing electricity grid. The smart grid is a developing infrastructure for digital monitoring for effective use of electricity at the end user level accompanied with its generation, transmission and distribution. This modern technology is eco-friendly, economic, well-executed, secure, reliable and resilient.[2]

Figure: Block Diagram of Smart Grid

There are many applications and technologies for smart grid that have been developed. Most of them are still in the development phase. But, the important task is to find widely accepted standards for the overall...
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