Poverty and India

Topics: Poverty, India, Socioeconomics Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Poverty is one of the main issues, attracting the attention of the economists. It indicates a condition in which a person fails to maintain a living standard adequate for a comfortable lifestyle.

India has the world's largest number of poor people living in a single country. Out of its total population of more than 1 billion, 350 to 400 million people are living below the poverty line. Nearly 75% of the poor people are in rural areas, most of them are daily wagers, landless laborers and self employed house holders. There are a number of reasons for poverty in India. Some of the basic reasons of rural poverty in India are:

• Unequal distribution of income.
• High population growth.
• Illiteracy.
• Trespassing.

The people of India live in a very different type of society when compared to the other democratic nations of the world. The Indians are a very agricultural people and not very industrialized. By Nehru choosing democracy over industrialization, it has taken a lot of time for the idea of industry to catch on.

Now the question is can we overcome it? There was a time in the history of India where no one was poor, now the things have changed. It has been estimated that if we go on by the present rate of development "8%" per year, with no mass calamities or war we can attain freedom from poverty by 2040 completely. Though there may be unemployment, but at that time the Govt. will have potential to take care of such people.


1) cultural barriers:- some of our traditions like caste system, women harassment, child marriages etc are becoming a great problem for our country. 2)corruption:- this the biggest problem. india comes under the 1st rank in the world for corruption. 3) communalism:- religious barrier exists in our country that should be taken care of. 4) draught and floods:- there is no regularization of rivers. the rivers should be connected and also the deforestation should be stopped to great extent. 5) literacy:- if we increase the...
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