A Better Philippines

Topics: Philippines, Time, Problem solving Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: August 22, 2009
A Better Philippines
Is it just a vision or “the future”?

Thesis statement: Almost each of us has a vision for our poor country. But the problem is most of the time it just remain a mere vision. So the question is; would it just remain our vision or it’s going to be the future of this country?

The main problems found in the Philippines are (randomly): economic crisis, graft and corruption in the government, poor kind of education on most part of the country, low rate of employment, undeveloped natural resources, lots of misunderstanding between the government and the people, terrorism, the negative traits of the Filipinos such as crab mentality, being indolent, fatalistic and the likes, injustice when it comes to “the poor and the rich” kind of situation, and no unity among the people in the community.

If you’ll ask me what my vision of a better Philippines is, I’ll simply answer “the opposite of what I mentioned above”. For me, a better country (like what I’m dreaming now for the Philippines) is a place where each people living in it don’t cause a problem for the others, because if that’s so, the main problems in our society will be solved. If the people will help each other, be united, the change and progress in our country is possible. Because if you’ll just dig deep the main root of the problems of our country, you’ll see that each one is connected and its main source is the people itself. We’re the cause and we should be the solution. What can I do to make such thing possible? Well, frankly speaking, doing it alone would not make any difference. The cooperation of the others is essentially needed not just specifically the youth. Here’s what I think we can do to help our poor country. As a college student, one of the many things I can do is to study, muster the knowledge that I need and use it, especially the course I’m taking up mainly concerns politics (one of the major problems here in our country)...
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