A Global Problem: Poverty

Topics: Poverty, Developed country, Cyprus Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: May 22, 2013

Poverty is one of the biggest problems of the world. It can be seen that poverty is almost everywhere. So we can see poverty even in rich countries. A research, which carried out at Oxford University in 2004, shows that %12 of the total population of the world earn 25,000$-50.000$ per year and this group of people called high-income group. 30% of the total population of the world earn 5,000$-10,000$ per year and this group called average-income group. Lastly, 58% of the total population of the world earn 100$-1.000$ per year and this group called low-income group. This research proves that poverty is a critical problem for humanity because many people live with poverty. This situation can be seen everywhere, even our lives, such as my relatives, friends, neighbors and some places which I have already visited. I want to look to be more specific to the poverty so as to determine and understand the problem clearly. This can provide a factual view and help to solve problem more efficiently.

In the beginning, poverty can be seen easily in our own life. First example is about my relatives and friends. My some relatives and friends suffer from poverty and poverty affects their life negatively. Especially, they are not able to make use of education, health, nourishing. These are the main elements in human life in order to develop and live vigorously. It is obvious that poverty impresses family and these kinds of families impress society badly. It is a reaction for a country. In order to prevent this type of poverty, relatives and friends should help one another in economic way. This may help to reduce this type of poverty.

Secondly, poverty is explained above in our own life in micro level. However, poverty is not only in micro level but also in national level. What I mean that poverty is a national problem for a lot of countries in the world. I can give an example about Turkey. Especially, east part of Turkey...
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