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Topics: Airline, Federal Aviation Administration, Southwest Airlines Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: November 3, 2012
On the Cutting Edge: US Airways and Their Need for a Technological Advantage Sean Pottorff
American Military University

The technological environment in business is one environment that can tip the balance for a company. It could be that one big breakthrough that sends them above the competition. It could also be a blunder so huge that the company tanks and goes bankrupt. It is no surprise then, the amount of decision-making accompany has to go through before creating, innovating, or implementing a technology. This technology could be hard technology, physical in its property, such as machinery, market standards, or even a set of rules. This technology could also be soft such as a blueprint for a new design, an idea in management for more productivity, or even an unwritten policy that is followed within a particular company.

In the airline industry, hard technologies range from the layout of the physical plane to the machines used to check in customers at the counter. Other hard technologies for the domestic environment include FAA-regulated standards and for the global environment, first- and business-class seating that are tailored to international flights. Some hard technologies that are used for both the global and the domestic environment include the computer systems used to check flight information, check passengers in, check passengers onboard an aircraft, and process stand-by passengers.

Some of the soft technologies used in the global environment include plans for future guidelines or regulations that are country-dependent, much like the FAA in the United States. Other technologies that belong to both global and domestic environments are blueprints of future plane designs and policies within the company for management and efficiency.

The barriers involved in the domestic environment of the airline industry and in particular with US Airways are plentiful. The first and most important one is the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)....
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