Potential of Civil Service Training System: Human Resources Development Strategy

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Civil service Pages: 16 (5339 words) Published: May 21, 2011

Eugenijus Chlivickas, Prof., Dr.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Training Centre of the Ministry of Finance of Republic of Lithuania Lithuanian Public Administration Training Association

The beginning of the century brought plenty of reforms, changes and novelties into the sphere of public administration. Seeking to solve complicated problems of the country main attention is focused on the increase of the effectiveness and usefulness of the state structures, the stability of the machinery of state, as well the improvement of professionalism and responsibility. Training is closely related to the creation of capacities because its objective, on the one hand, is to create an integrated and properly governed training system of civil servants of central and local governments, and, on the other hand, to implement the idea of the continuity of that system and activity programmes related to it.

Topicality of civil service training. Seeking to achieve efficiency in the sphere of state service, civil service training becomes ever more important due to the following reasons:

- rate of organisational and technical restructuring of the civil service is constantly increasing, and this requires that civil servants should regularly acquire new skills and learn regulations;

- the decrease in the number of civil servants demands that the individuals who have stayed in the public service should acquire more diverse skills; - the process of accession of the Republic of Lithuania to the European Union requires that civil servants should understand the peculiarities of public service functioning not only of their own country but of the European Union as well; - so far the tradition that with the civil servant making his way up, his technical rather than managerial competence is accentuated, has prevailed in the public service of the Republic of Lithuania. Cases are quite frequent the when high level professionals of a narrow specialisation without any abilities for management and unable to efficiently run an office become chiefs; - the society sets ever increasing requirements for the public service and it is possible to satisfy them only by improving the skills of civil servants, as well as by changing their principles; - constant pressure of the society on the public service to prove its efficiency by material achievements requires that civil servants should be able to efficiently plan their activity and think strategically. Striving for solution to complex problems in Central and Eastern European countries, the main focus should be laid on improvement of state structures efficiency, government bodies stability and increment of professionalism and accountability of human resources in state institutions. Human resources system is concurrent with establishment of new quality since the aim of the latter is to create an integrated and well-manageable system of central and local government human resources and to ensure expansion of the system as well as action programmes related to it. One of the public administration sectors is public servants’ training and improvement of this process. Though there is a big number of intelligent and qualified specialists in Central and Eastern European countries, imperfect legislation as well as training system very often impedes the progress of training and even that of public administration. The main principles of public service, the status of the public servant and legal principles of public service are regulated by public administration legal regulations. As a rule, they include establishment of public servants’ training system. Public servants training is one of the means improving public administration and enhancing continuous...
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