Positve Effects of Video Games

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Video Games How They Positively Influence Us
Moosa Baquie
Thursday, April 26, 2012
Ever since, the birth , video games have received a negative reputation in the media and by our society. However they do not deserve the common stereotypical reputation it has in the present day. President Obama has stated in his response to video games in our society with " Put them away...". Video games are a medium of communication and education they can be used in both a positive and negative manner. Video games are starting to be widely accepted into society due to its many beneficial factors and it has become now one of the main source of entertainment. Video games are discriminated with stereotypical claims such as how addictive they are and how they negatively influence your health. Most of these claims are untrue and can possibly happen on extreme cases. I feel as though video games have not negatively influenced my life, and on the contrary I feel they have helped me more.

Currently video games are being widely played by various age groups from toddlers to grandparents and are being accepted into society as a casual form of entertainment. Due to the fact video games are rising in demand so are the amount of video game jobs in the job market .There are many companies that are hiring video game developers and designers. Such examples of these jobs include video game testers, marketer, concept designer, sales and etc. The video game industry is very huge and around Christmas time in 2011 it was the biggest sales market. Many video games were being bought creating a large revenue for the industry. Professional gaming is also catching a lot of attention. There are many professional gaming teams than there have ever been in the past. Games such as Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Street Fighter 4, and many others have many teams and are constantly participating tournaments with a large prize pool. Recently IGN had hosted an IPL 4(IGN. Pro. League) a tournament in Las Vegas with games such as League of Legends and Starcraft 2 as their main attraction. The seats for the tournaments were sold out and there were over 300,000 viewers watching from home. The total prize pool for the tournament was 150,000 USD. Professional gaming has become a way to make a living and is a profitable job. A Starcraft 2 player known as MC has made $250,000 in earning this year. Who says playing video games does not pay?

There are many negative stereotypes linked to video games that discourage society from accepting them. One event that gave this a bad reputation to video games is one a report about a 13 year old who committed suicide due to stress from an online game called ``World of Warcraft`` (Dvorak). These are only at extreme cases. The players usually due to exhaustion or they become mentally unstable., and due to exhaustion Society believes that video games create addicts but it is the user's fault for not being able to balance the video game into their lives in a healthy manner. Too much of anything is harmful whether it be exercise or video games. Another negative stereotype is that they cause obesity and make the player unsociable. None of these are proven facts. Video games do not make you unsociable or obese. They are a result of it's how you choose to live your life.

Technology keeps developing further and further every day and so are video games. The more technology develops the more appealing video games start to be. Now there is dynamic video games that incorporate movement and self video instead of the traditional controller. This is making video gaming much more appealing to older audience because they have never experienced this before and it gives the illusion of exercise. More video games are now incorporating online play, so now the player can play with their friends and family instead of playing alone. You also play with complete strangers so you...
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