Positive Child Guidance

Topics: Childhood, Psychology, Child Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: January 28, 2011
Positive guidance and Challenging behaviour come hand in hand within early childhood sector .Throughout this essay, I will both describe and identify three challenging behaviours that we commonly see children exhibiting in the early childhood settings: Biting, Hitting, and Clinging. For each of these three behaviours, I will explain some possible causes as well as describing effective positive guidance strategies that may be used in an early childhood centre to support the child and minimise the occurrence of these behaviours, and show the importance of partnership with Whanau. Biting is a behaviour seen in many early childhood settings, and many reasons exist to explain why children begin to bite others. Younger children may be teething, which pains their gums and relief is found in gnawing on items...even others limbs! Teething is a biological factor that contributes to biting. They may also simply be interested in what others taste or feel like and have decided to investigate this with their mouths. Older children may be imitating a new friend who bites and they have decided to trial this new activity. Attention seeking, intimidation, stress and frustration (Miller, 2007). can all provide reasons for a child to bite. Another biological factor can be the frustration that comes with lack of communication. Stress, of course comes hand in hand with frustration, but links to being an emotional factor in life rather than existing biologics. Some children even bite because they realise that it brings them attention and they figure that even negative attention is better than no attention at all. Intimidation is a common emotional/social factor that can cause older children to bite (Miller, 2007).

The best strategy for biting is prevention; therefore the appropriate teacher to child ratio needs to be addressed. At our centre, we prevent by allowing a teacher to “shadow” the biter in an attempt to stop this behaviour before he or she bites. Encouraging a strong...
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