Positive Attributes of Life

Topics: High school, School, Cognition Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Life can be challenging at numerous points in your life. As college students we have to decide what classes to take and when should we take them. The difficult classes should be taken in the fall and the easy classes should be taken in the spring. Many people think college will be extremely difficult and hard to do but, college is more laid back than high school. In college they don’t care when you show up for class because you don’t have to be there. College classes are a spit image of a like high school classes. Positive effects are shown on students as they proceed to graduate from college. Decision making is a big part in college life. Three attributes that make a decision on your life are who is there to boost your self-esteem, who influenced you to go to college and what have you accomplished in the past year.

Grandmothers are always there when you need them. My mama has always told me that I am a smart and beautiful young woman. If I ever needed a boost on my self-esteem all I had to do is go to mama’s house. She has always been very active and there is never a dull moment at her house. Going to the store, park or even exercising was a weekend usual. Mama has always kept my mind focused on school. Struggling through homework didn’t happen at her house. Mama is always there to help.

As a child I dreamed about going to college. My brother is a college student and I thought he was so cool. College is a great opportunity to receive an excellent education. Tonya Broadway is my role model and the person I look up to. Even thought she was thirty years old she still went to college and received an Associate in Applied Science degree in Elementary Education and is now working on her bachelors. I told myself if Aunt Tonya can do it, so can I. She is working at head start now and loves her job. Graduating with my degree is my all time dream.

In the past year I have graduated high school at Senath, Missouri, rented my own house and got a new...
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