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Topics: Employment, Emotion, Vice President of the United States Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: February 20, 2013

The business issue I would like to talk about is owners working in their own business and showing favoritism to fellow family members. I feel that all employers should be treated equally even if the business has employees that are owned and ran by the family members. I will start by saying this is a really a relavent issue in the workplace. The incident that happened that I think is absolutely unacceptable, is the scheduling problems between regular employees and family employees. I put in a request to have a day off to go to the dentist. I put the request in about 2 weeks before the acutual due date. I had not gotten an approval, but I really wasn't that worried because my boss and I were the only employees that handle the accounting department. Our business is Vicencia & Buckley Insurance, Services. The Vicencia's are the owner's and employees in the business along with regualar employees. The officers consist of the CEO-President, CFO-Senior Vice President, Vice President and Secretary. My immediate supervisor which is the CFO, sent me an email stating she would be off on said certain days. These days were the same days I had chosen, which means I could'nt be absent because she would be gone. The rule for our department is that someone must always be there to issue checks or charge a credit card in case this type of service is needed. She sent me an email stating I should change the date or get it for the morning so I could come in a little late. I rescheduled my appointment and she actually tried this again by schedulling a day off on this day. This time I stood up for my self and let her know I had already scheduled this day off and sent her the request 3 weeks prior. She allowed me to go ahead and take it off only because I stood up for myself and told her I was not going to change the appointment. I understand what she had to do is just as important but I get the impression that because this is their company that they will...
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