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Global Muslim Calendar

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in the name of Allah,the Beneficent,the Merciful.
Mother of the Towns: Makkah
Makkah is the city where the House of Allah, Al-Ka’bah, is erected. Allah Almighty mentions in His Book ,Al-Qur’an: “ Verily! The first Sanctuary appointed for mankind was that at Makkah, a blessed place and a guidance for the worlds.” It refers to the time when the Father of Mankind, Adam (Be His blessings upon him) was sent to the earth and he laid foundation of Makkah by constructing Baitullah (Al Ka’bah) on the ground where it is erected today. Abu Zar Ghifari (May Allah be pleased with him) reports that he asked the the Holy Prophet (Be His blessings and peace upon him) : “ Which mosque was constructed first of all on the earth?” he replied: “ Masjid Al Haram (Baitullah).” Imam Ibn-i- Katheer ( Be His blessings on him)has quoted a Hadith under the mentioned verse: Abdullah bin Amr bin Al’aas (May Allah be pleased with him) reports that the Holy Prophet (Be His blessings and peace upon him) said: “Adam and Hawa (Eve) constructed Baitullah by the commandment of Allah and circled aroud it..” Standard for Mankind:

The Holy Qur’an announces:
“Allah hath appointed the Ka’bah, the Sacred House, a standard for mankind, and the Sacred month and the offerings and the garlands. This is so that ye may know that Allah knoweth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, and that Allah is Knower of all things.”

The venerable Ka’bah is standard for mankind in four dimensions. First Dimension: Qiblah for Muslims:
Ka’bah is Qiblah for Muslims to say their Salah(prayers) facing towards it. As Muslims form circles around Ka’bah, in Masjid-ul-Haram, during their Salah, all the Masajid(mosques) of the world form imaginary circles, placing Ka’bah in the center. Second Dimension: Center of the Terrestrial Surface:

It is an established fact that, if we draw a circle on the world map around the populated continents (Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America), taking Makkah as the center, the circle exactly encloses these continents. (Figure 1)

The sole natural phenomenon is very enough to prove that Makkah is the center of the terrestrial surface. It is said that being a sphere any point on the earth may be referred as its surface center. The earth is said to be a sphere for convenience in usual conversation and physical calculations, but it is a fact that earth is not a perfect sphere, instead, it is somewhat flattened on the poles. Wikipedia (Free Encyclopedia) states:

“Since the Earth is flattened at the poles and bulging at the equator, the geometrical figure used in geodesy to most nearly approximate Earth's shape is an oblate spheroid. An oblate spheroid, or oblate ellipsoid, is an ellipsoid of revolution obtained by rotating an ellipse about its shorter axis. A spheroid describing the figure of the Earth or other celestial body is called a reference ellipsoid.” It appears just like a squashed or ellipsoid sweet melon. (Figure 2) As such, if we draw the circle with same radius, taking Greenwich as its center, it does not enclose the populated continents, though it is said to be the Prime Meridian. Third Dimension: Natural Prime Meridian:

It is a physical fact that Makkah lies on the longitude, which directs exactly to the Magnetic North. On the other hand Greenwich Meridian deviates from the Magnetic North by 5.8 degrees. This natural phenomenon shows that the longitude passing through Makkah, being the center of the populated world, is the true Prime Meridian, rather than Greenwich Meridian.

Makkah Prime Meridian (MPM) divides the world into two equal halves, named Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere. In the Western Hemisphere...
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