Portrait of a Teacher

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Portrait of a Teacher

A teacher is supposed to be the image a child gets of learning new things- mostly non-academic. The portrait the child has of the teacher determines how well they get to understand the concepts they are taught in class. The teacher should ensure that their activities and conduct are in accordance with the portrait of the teacher so as to improve how students perceive learning.

One trait that the teacher is supposed to portray is that of a person who understands how to solve problems and more so how do solve them using critical thinking. This means that in a class, the students will be keen to see how the teacher solves new problems that arise. To the students this is a sign of how good their teacher is. It should be noted that problem solving and critical thinking as pertaining to this trait goes beyond the academic things. For example when a teacher is dictating letters of the alphabet in an elementary class and then a bumble bee flies in, the children will be distracted but how the teacher reacts to this distraction is a test of how well they can solve problems. In such a case, the teacher can pause what they were saying and explain something new about the bee. The same would be expected of the teacher if an animal such as a spider, which children fear, is spotted in class. The teacher would be expected to stay on top of the situation and calm the students.

Critical thinking by itself is a process that demands a person to ensure that their way of thinking is devoid of any emotional bias; and this should be the case in a teacher. In all situations they should ensure that rationale and logic prevails above emotion. At times this demand to act devoid of any emotion conflicts with what a teacher may want or is good for them. For example, when a slight earthquake shook our school while I was in eighth grade, we all ran towards the teacher and clang onto her. This by itself limited her chances of escaping in case anything...
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