Porters' Five Forces of Fast Food Industry

Fast food , Porter five forces analysis , Economics

University of San Carlos
College of Commerce
P. del Rosario St., Cebu City


An Analysis of the Philippine Fast Food Industry using
Michael Porter’s Five Forces


Submitted to:
Ms. Joyce Yang

Submitted by;

Group 9
Awe, Niña Faith M.
Cabasag, Rechel C.
Chua, Hegiño Jr. J.
Lequin, Viktor Xenon O.
Mahusay, Christian T.


July 13, 2010


* Increasing women workforce2
* Nonunionized employees
* Young affluent population1
* Rising disposable income1
* Rising consumer awareness on health and safety concerns3,4

* Filipino’s love for food
* Fast paced life2

* Present but not very significant government regulation

* Technological Advancement (e.g. creations of assembly lines, touch screen monitors, etc.)

* Western influence in the global fast food scene

Bargaining Power of Suppliers


* Easy for the industry player to go to suppliers’ business * Highly competitive supplier industry
* Greater share of customer base by the fast food industry for the suppliers * Low suppliers’ switching costs
* Difficulty of supplier industry to circumvent fast food industry * Cheap and nonunionized labor supply
* Present but...
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