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Topics: Management, Research, Peter Drucker Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: October 2, 2008
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This capstone project will attempt to demonstrate how toxic managers and poor managerial decisions in general have lead to a very bad working environment. Through research over the Internet as well as the polling that has recently taken place in my workplace I will provide a foundation for my capstone project. This project involves a great deal of importance to both my personal and professional lives. The rationale behind my choice of this as my capstone project topic can be quite simply summed up by a necessity to stem the tide of departures by top notch performers within our division, the requirement that change in a positive way be undertaken to correct current managerial deficiencies, and the enlightenment of all employees when dealing with one another in a professional manner which can build camaraderie or esprit de corps. My belief is that this project will fit in well within my program as it will help solidify many of the managerial aspects I have learned through my studies. In regards to my professional interests it is paramount that my division corrects many of its deficiencies in regards to policy and planning. It is also important for me on a professional and personal level to ascertain how things have gone badly and how they could be prevented or made better in this process. Page 2

The literature included in my search that deals with my capstone project comes from many Internet sites dealing with the varying topics of management written about with vast sums at such sites as management-issues.com, quintcareers.com, humanresources.about.com, and allbusiness.com. The key word searches I performed for my online research via Google.com included “effects of poor management” and “working with bad managers” among other less successful combinations that were inputted. Books I’ve used and that were found highly useful during my research include Peter Drucker’s Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, and Practices; Leading Geeks by Paul Glen...
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