Health Practice

Topics: Critical thinking, Management, Logic Pages: 4 (439 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Leadership in Professional Practice:


Assessment Guidelines

You are required to write a 2,000 word report which will demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes as below.

Students are required to:

i) use the literature findings to critically explore the relationship between management/leadership theories and the management of care in own setting ii) draw conclusions and recommendations for future practice

|Specific Guidelines / Marking Criteria |Breakdown | |1 |Appropriate structure, organisation/progression of material, grammar, citation and referencing (Harvard style).|10 | |2 |Identify an example from your own professional practice and describe and justify the relevance of the example |30 | | |in relation to leadership and or management concepts. | | |3 |Introduce concepts of relevance to leadership and management and contemporary professional practice and analyse|30 | | |these using published text and practice knowledge. | | |4 |Summarise the main issues and identify implications for leadership and management strategies in professional |30 | | |nursing and client services. | | | |Total |100% |

Please refer to the course handbook for further information about the assessment process.

Essay Marking Grid: Leadership in Professional Practice: AC0684/5

|Student Name:...
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