Topics: Love, Emotion, William Shakespeare Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Steven Blackman
Ms. Angle-Newman
AP Literature/ Period 6
15 September 2012

Sonnet 147
In Sonnet 147, by William Shakespeare, the emotions and attitudes displayed in the poem by the speaker are most similar to those of character Ophelia from Hamlet. Ophelia and speaker of the sonnet both display characteristics of sadness for the loss of love, desire for the one that they did love, and similar attitudes of betrayal or deceit. Ophelia and the speaker show many similarities in the play and the sonnet.

In Sonnet 147, the speaker of the sonnet shows emotions of sadness, deceit, and madness. In the sonnet, the speaker expresses the emotion of his love being like a fever he constantly desires. The speaker begins “My love is as a fever, longing still”, in the first line describing the emotion of his yearning love. Another emotion expressed in the sonnet is deceit. The speaker displays this emotion when describing his lover and then seeing her actual true personality. An attitude of madness is also revealed when the speaker rationalizes his thought process. This madness brought upon him when his reason leaves him. The speaker’s love causes him to be blind and unable accept his significant other’s true identity.

In Hamlet, Ophelia expresses numerous emotions throughout the entire play. In the play Ophelia shows traits of madness after her father’s death with her habit of singing a song about a maiden tricked losing her virginity. Ophelia also displays emotions of a weak woman with constant manipulation on her from her father and Hamlet. This is evident when Hamlet tells her “I loved you not” in Act III after previously giving her poems and love letters describing his feelings for her. Ophelia is very abused by Hamlet’s slanders and insults to her leaving her vulnerable from being called unfaithful and dishonest by him. Ophelia also shows attitude of being deceived by Hamlet after he reveals he never truly loved her when speaking on how she too was tricked by...
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