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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Project 1
10/12/12 English 2 If there was a new world war and I was recruited as a soilder and we were only allowed to bring three items I would bring items that are the most important to me, one item I will bring would be a photo album. Bringing a photo album will be important to me because whenever I'm depress I can always see the photo album to cheer me up my mood. Also if I'm looking through the photo I can remember good memories of what happened before the war. Photo albums can also keep me relaxed and calm during a war it can help me think about my family and not be afraid of what's gonna happen. These are the reasons why I would pick a photo album as an important item to bring to the war because it would help me concentrate and not be afraid if there's a war going on. Secound important item I will bring would be a journal. I think it's important to bring a journal during a war because I can write down what's going on in the war and write down how im surviving. Bringing a journal is important because you can write letters to relatives back home and write how your doing in the war and how much you miss them. One of my favourite reasons to bring a journal when your in a war is if you survived the war and let's say a the war is over and a few years have past and I have kids, I can always read one of the pages to the kids of what happend when I was in war. These are the reasons why I think bringing a journal would be a important item to bring during a war, it keeps memories of back then what happend during a war and you can show your family and friends your journal. My last important item will be a school yearbook. That way I can see pictures of my favourite teachers and my friends. Also if we were back at the military base and if I see any of my friends that have survive the war I show them our old schooldays and rememeber moments and have a...
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