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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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The Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was one of the longest wars in United States history. Fighting on one side of the war was the Untied States, the Republic of Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. On the other side of the war was North Vietnam, the National Liberation Front, and a communist-led South Vietnamese guerrilla movement. This war started because President Eisenhower did not want communism to spread throughout the world and eventually make its way to America. This war took place between November 1st 1955 - April 30th 1975. Most of the fighting was taken place in Vietnam but it also found its way into Cambodia and Laos because they were all so close together. American History Examiner Don Keko, wrote an article called “The Ten Biggest Mistakes in American history”. In this article Keko says that from his point of view the Vietnam War was the second biggest mistake in American History. Its thought to be the second biggest mistake in American history because 58,000 American lives were lost, and it split the nation. Also another major mistake was that the American soldiers did not familiarize themselves with the VietCong’s strategies.

The United States government viewed involvement in the war as a way to prevent communist takeover of South Vietnam and part of their wider strategy of containment. The United States entered the war in 1961. The communists take-over of China, the Korean War, and the communist victory over the French in Vietnam all led many Americans to think that the communist were taking over the world and they must be stopped. America was afraid that one day they would become a communist country. President Eisenhower’s foreign policy followed the domino theory. This was the idea that the countries of South East Asia (and other countries) were closely linked together. If one country was to fall to communism, then all the other countries would to. Like a row of dominos. Many Americans opposed the Vietnam War. Anti-War...
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