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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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1| What is management ?| (June-2011)|
2| What is classical approach to management ? Describe the contribution of F.W.Taylor in the development of scientific management.| (Nov/Dec-2011)| 3| Define management.| (Dec-2010)|
4| Explain “ Management is a Science as well as an Art ”.| (Dec-2010)| 5| “ Management is not people; it is an activity like walking, reading, swimming or running. People who perform management can be designated as managers, members of management or executive leaders. ” - Justify the statement.| (Nov/Dec-2011)| 6| Management is a speciality in dealing with matters of time and human relationship. Justify.| (May-2010)| 7| What, according to you, are the skills a modern manager will require to run an organization.| (June-2011)| 8| State the functions of management. Explain planning and organizing as functions of management.| (Dec-2010)| 9| What are the functions of Management ? Explain them in brief.| (June-2011)| 10| “ Planning and Controlling are the twins of management ”. Explain the statement.| (Nov/Dec-2011)| 11| Write a note on components of external environment.| (June-2011)| 12| What is organization ? Write a note on principles of Organization.| (June-2011)| 13| Write a note on : Styles of leadership.| (June-2011)| 14| Distinguish theory X and theory Y given by Dougles Mcgregor.| (Nov/Dec-2011)| 15| Explain the different styles of leadership.| (Dec-2010)| 16| Explain Mintzber’s managerial roles. | (Nov/Dec-2011)| 17| List 14 points guideline for manager for deming.| (May-2010)|


1| Explain the contribution of Taylor and Gilberth to management history. | (June-2011)| 2| Explain the principles and techniques of Scientific management. | (Dec-2010)| 3| What are the different approaches to management ? Explain them taking the essence of...
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