Police Cameras Affirmation

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102: Police Cameras - Aff
The use of cameras cuts down on violent incidents and citizen complaints Chief Tony Farrar (graduate degrees in Administration of Justice and Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Science. ​ 2013 graduate from the

University of Cambridge (UK) - Institute of Criminology with an additional graduate degree in Criminology and Police Management. Police officer of 34 years.) “SELF-AWARENESS TO BEING WATCHED AND SOCIALLY-DESIRABLE BEHAVIOR: A FIELD EXPERIMENT ON THE EFFECT OF BODY-WORN CAMERAS ON POLICE USE-OF FORCE.” ​

Police Foundation​
. March ​
. Accessed on 2/27/2015 at
In this experiment we tested for the first time the effect of mobile cameras on self-awareness and ultimately socially-desirable behavior​ .​
The cameras were hypothesized to
increase police officers selfconsciousness that they were being watched and therefore to increase their compliance to rules of conduct, especially around use of force. T

findings suggest more than a 50% reduction in the
total number of incidents of use-of-force compared to control-conditions, and nearly ten times more citizens’ complaints in the 12-months prior to the experiment​ .
The implications of these findings for psycho-social theories and particularly for our understanding of self-awareness are meaningful but perhaps not unexpected. We anticipated that the ​ videotaped

interactions will experience
fewer incidents of use of force, because of the fundamental tendency of rational-beings to exhibit more desirable behaviors when they know under surveillance, particularly in scenarios that require them to follow rules​ .W

​hat is surprising,
however, is that as far as we can tell this is the first field-experiment that has tested this paradigm in real-life settings – at least under these conditions. Mobile cameras are “everywhere” but at the same time nowhere in social science...
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