Twin and Response Feedback

Topics: Twin, Genetics, Zygote Pages: 6 (1285 words) Published: December 18, 2012
PSY 235 Quiz 1
1.In child development, an organized set of ideas that is designed to explain and make predictions about development is known as a(n) theory.

2. Locke's view that children are a blank slate on which experience writes, is an illustration of which theme in child development? active-passive child Response Feedback:Locke's view illustrates the passive side of the active-passive child issue.

3. Children who are attractive tend to have more friends than children who are not as attractive. That is, attractiveness is associated with having more friends. This is an example of a Selected Answer: negative correlation.

Correct Answer: positive correlation.

4.The branch of genetics that deals with inheritance of behavioral and psychological traits is known as behavioral genetics.

5. Bobby (male) and Brandy (female) are dizygotic twins.
Response Feedback:Because one is a boy and one is a girl, they can't be identical, therefore they must be dizygotic or fraternal twins.

6. Making a child do extra chores when she doesn't clean her room is an example of positive reinforcement. False Response Feedback:This would be an example of punishment, not reinforcement.

7. Development is shaped by the interaction of nature and nurture. True Response Feedback:Virtually no aspects of child development are due exclusively to either heredity or environment.

8. A strength of correlational research is that it can be used to determine cause and effect. False Response Feedback:Correlational research can never be used to determine cause and effect.

9. A strength of field experiments is that the results are more likely to be representative of behavior in real-world settings than results obtained in a laboratory. True Response Feedback:With field experiments the investigators embed manipulation of an independent variable in a natural setting.

10.Heather believes her 12-month-old daughter will develop optimally if Heather gives her freedom to grow naturally and does not try to shape her development. Heather's beliefs about child rearing are most similar to those of Jean Jacques Rousseau. Response Feedback:Rousseau believed in a natural unfolding of a child's innate sense of justice and morality, a philosophy that formed the basis of the maturational theory.

11. The view that development is a result of the unfolding of a specific and prearranged scheme or plan within the body is characteristic of Arnold Gesell's maturational theory. Response Feedback:This describes maturational theory, which was put forth by Gesell.

12. Which of the following theories has a biological perspective? Gesell's maturational theory Response Feedback:Maturational theory and ethological theory are the two theories with a biological perspective.

13. Experience plays the most important role in which of the following theories? Selected Answer: cognitive-developmental
Correct Answer: learning

14. A consequence that decreases the future likelihood of the behavior that it follows is called punishment.
Response Feedback:Punishment suppresses a behavior by either adding something aversive or withholding a pleasant event.

15. The risk of having a baby with Down syndrome decreases as the mother gets older. False Response Feedback:The risk increases as the mother gets older.

16. The environment has no impact on when genes are activated—they follow a predictable and predetermined schedule based on maturation. Selected Answer: True
Correct Answer: False

17. A fertilized egg contains __________ pairs of chromosome(s). Selected Answer: 46
Correct Answer: 23

18. Which of the following is the best example of a phenotype? blue eyes Response Feedback:The phenotype refers to the outward expression, therefore blue eyes is the only possible answer.

19. If the allele for brown eyes is dominant and the allele (gene) for blue eyes is recessive, which genotype produces a person with blue eyes?...
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