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Marketing Plan Assignment

MKTG 5703

Project Points: 25 points new idea paragraph – Due end of Week 1
125 points written report – Due end of Week 6

SPECIAL NOTE: The instructor reserves the right to amend the group structure based on the performance of the group.

PART 1: New Idea Paragraph (25 points) – each student should complete this portion individually, doing their own research.

DUE: End of Week 1
Describe Details 10
Industry Name 5
List sources 5

SUBMIT: Post Topic Paragraph to blackboard discussion board

Using the library resources discussed, select a product/service that you would like to write a marketing plan for. You will need to use either Mergent Online or Business Source Elite/Complete Company Profile as part of your analysis, so make sure the company is covered there before you consider it as an option. Submit a paragraph describing the selected product and including specific appropriate details on a possible new idea for that product. Include the name of the industry that the product competes in, along with the SIC or NAICS code appropriate to that product. List either Mergent or Business Source Elite/Complete as your source. As you choose your organization/product, keep in mind that your analysis in this project must lead to new objectives and strategies for the organization or product, not a report of what the company is already doing. Your analysis will also include a discussion of the implementation of your new ideas in detail.


DUE: End of week 6
SUBMIT:Post Written Report on blackboard assignment area (each student)

Length: 10-15 pages
Format: Double spaced, 1 inch margins, size 12 font, numbered pages Include all sections listed below in Report Format Clearly label each section in this order for full credit Put all report elements into one document before submitting

• Business writing is done in 3rd person. Please do not use first person language such as I, we, etc. • The paper should be formatted using APA style. Cite all sources for the information you find about the company, industry, competitors, etc. Be sure to cite Mergent or Business Source Elite/Complete as well when used as a source. • All sections must be included for full credit.

• This report must be analytical in nature rather than narrative. As you begin the report, you can simply report the current situation. However, after that point you need to exhibit your analytical skills. • The report should be error free. Please proof your work before submitting. • Throughout your analysis include information from the following sources and clearly label the source as you refer to it in the body of the report: • Required

▪ Mergent
▪ Company Profile from Business Source Elite/Complete • Suggested
▪ Standard & Poor’s
▪ Value Line
▪ Regional Business News


I. Executive Summary
II. Current Marketing Situation
1. Industry Analysis - Clearly identify the industry in which your product competes and describe the industry including: • its size – number of firms, Sales $, Market info • growth – projections for future growth of the statistics above • current trends and developments

• key factors necessary for an understanding of the setting • Identify the NAICS and SIC code for the industry 2. Brief overview of the company
• very brief history
• the firm’s development to its present status – rank in industry, Sales $, market share • product line(s)
• sales history – 5 years
• current marketing mix – brief overview of 4 P’s (these will be compared with your new...
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