Senior Care Marketing Plan

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Bessie V. Rose Senior Care|
Marketing Plan|

Bessie V. Rose Senior Care|
Marketing Plan|

Proposed by broderick pierce
August 21, 2011
Submitted to Professor Day
Proposed by broderick pierce
August 21, 2011
Submitted to Professor Day

Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary3
2.Strategic Focus and Plan3
Mission Statement3
Competitive Advantage4
3.Situation Analysis4
SWOT Analysis4
Customer Analysis5
Competitive Analysis5
Company Analysis5
* Trends in Home Care Industry……………………………………………………………….6
4.Market-Product Focus7
Marketing and Product Objectives7
Target Markets8
Points of Difference8
5.Marketing Program9
Break-Even Analysis10
Promotional Strategy10-11
8.Implementation Plan12
9.Evaluation and Control13
Possible Deviations13
Possible Solutions13
10. Bibliography

Bessie V. Rose Senior Care: Marketing Plan
Broderick Pierce

Executive Summary

Senior care is a specialized service that provides a combination of medical assistance, compassionate care and companionship. Whether it’s adult day care, long term care, or assistance on demand, Bessie V. Rose Senior Care is there to make life that much easier for the entire family.

Today's baby boomers and the older Gen X group face a dual challenge: They're caring for their own children, and sometimes grandchildren, as well as caring for parents. By 2020, nearly 14 million people in the United States will be over the age of 85, and 84 percent of them will want to continue living at home. To do that, more than half will need assistance with daily living activities. Seniors and family members of older relatives are looking at alternatives to assisted living and nursing homes, and Bessie V Rose is a great option for those home care or home health care needs. We are dedicated to our community and aim to provide the best service for your loved ones. COMPANY DESCRIPTION

Bessie V. Rose Senior Care is a service that provides live-in or live-out non-medical home care to seniors and disabled individuals. Caregivers play a crucial role in improving the quality of life for those who are not chronically ill, yet require some type of supervision and assistance with daily living.

We are dedicated to assisting those in need with all of the monotonous and mundane activities of the day, in such a fast paced and technology driven society. We want to be the bridge that connects their generation to what is going on now without them having the hassles of learning new methods. Our goal is to make lives more comfortable, keep minds and bodies active and to be a dependable and accessible service that cares.


Mission Statement
Providing high quality health care and companionship for the elderly and helping them continue to live their lives how they want to.

a. Become a staple in the elderly communities in the southern sector of Dallas, Tx b. Make more jobs available in the inner cities while contributing to the community. c. Ensure that none of our elders in the communities are without their basic needs for survival.

(Financial Goals)
a. Financial growth by 20% every 24 months
b. Expand beyond the inner city to other senior concentrated areas, including a staff of 10 for each area along with mobile centers. c. Ultimately we would like grow in to the medical side of senior care and work directly with senior care facilities and hospitals as a contracted assistant living service to widen our market.

Competitive Advantage
Bessie V. Rose Senior Companionship Care will be committed to meeting the physical, physiological, sociological and spiritual needs unique to seniors. We are targeting those that have been in the community for years and have no one to consistently provide...
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