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(Franqipani) is called the plant of love. The plumeria blooms from April through November, and its largd fragrant flowers smell absolutely incredible ranging from sweet, citrusy, jasmine and rosy. The Plumeria flowers are used to make the leis in Hawaii. The plumeria is from the tropical Caribbean lslands and is by far the most beautiful flowering tree. lt can be grown all over the world because it has a very small root system. Since the plumeria only grows to the size of the container, it makes a beautiful potted plant for the patio, screen pool, balcony or driveway - blooming all summer long. ln the fall, when the temperature starts to drop, the plumeria will start to lose its leaves and become dormant. The plumeria has bloomed all year and wants to rest. (50 degrees = dormant / 60 degrees = keeps its growth. ln the winter, to keep the plumeria from freezing, either bring the plumeria indoors for light and heat to keep it growing, or put in a basement or closet. ln the warmer states, a garage will do. When the plumeria goes dormant, it drops its leaves and requires no watering or fertilizer. Do not let the plumeria go dormant for the first year. Keep it as a house plant - water every 2 weeks. ln the spring, when the temperature is 60 degrees steadily, bring the plumeria outside, water and fertilize and give plenty of sun. lt will come alive aqain and will branch out from where it bloomed the previous vear. ROOTING INSTRUCTIONS Start with a small 8 by 6 inch plastic pot with good drainage holes. Use a mix that is light and fluffy and drains very well. Cactus mix works great. A little gravel at the bottom is best. Plant each cutting separately and plant the cuttings 3 inches deep in the cactus mix. Plant the flat dry end down. (1) Put the pot inside if the temperature is below 60 degrees outside. lt needs a hot warm window sill for sun exposure or 8 to 10 inches underneath a 60 to 75 watt plant grow light for light and heat. The more light and heat, the faster...
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