Informative Paper: Pork Tamales

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February 20, 2013

Informative Paper: How-to-Make Pork Tamales

Have you ever wondered how to make Pork Tamales? Some may say they appear simple. There is nothing really to making dough rolled into a corn leaf. The reality is that it is a long tedious dish to prepare. It is not so much the ingredients that are tiresome; it is the process that one must follow and execute habitually in order to get them done. With that being said, today I will share my family recipe, which we have prepared year after year during the Christmas holiday; however, it could be prepared for any occasion. Because we have such a big family and a lot of friends, my family’s original recipe makes about 20 dozen tamales, don’t worry, I will be sharing a smaller serving size.

To start, you have to look at the process as three separate parts, meat preparation, dough preparation, and the putting together of all the ingredients. Let’s get started. Remember this is your recipe to add too or do with out! Let us review the items you will need for it:

- Medium-size stockpot
- Small saucepan
- Large saucepan
- Large mixing bowl
- Large stockpot with a steamer insert

Now that you have those items in hand, I will continue to disclose the ingredients you will need per step, along with step-by-step directions. It is key that you follow the preparation steps, as they all follow one another, so if you skip or do other wise it may prolong the process. Preparing the cornhusk is probably the easiest step; my grandmother always warned us about doing this step first or else you run the risk of forgetting, with all the busy work to come. You will need to buy 6 dozen dried cornhusks; you will have left over leafs but it is always better to have more than less, that’s what my grandmother always said. To prepare the dried cornhusk, plug one side of the kitchen sink and fill it with hot water, then submerge the 6 dozen dried cornhusk. Let them sit,...
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