Planning and Budgeting

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Assignment 3: Planning and Budgeting

This paper will focus on the excellent functions, operations and management of the Good Samaritan Health Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Access to health care is the ability to obtain healthcare services when needed. Millions of people lack adequate access for millions of people in the United States (Bodenheimer and Grumback). Over one million Georgians, have no health insurance. Non-financial barriers to health care include the inability to get care when needed, language, literacy, and cultural differences between patients and health care-givers, as well as factors of gender and race (Bodenheimer and Grumback). Good Samaritan Health Center is privately funded, not for profit, tax exempt 501(c) 3 Christian organization. The center offers a comprehensive range of services to adults and children who are without health insurance or the means to afford healthcare. The Good Samaritan Health Center was founded in 1998, and opened for service in January 1999 in downtown Atlanta with a mission to spread the love of Christ through quality health care to those in need. The center began with a staff of eight ,handful of employees , the founder and volunteers with a vision to being obedient to God’s commandments to love and serve those in the community by providing quality medical and dental services for Atlanta’s working poor, uninsured, and homeless. The center provides comfortable environment for patients, where all are treated with dignity and respect. Those that are involved with the organization to incorporate Christ’s love in providing quality healthcare, the center hold true to the vision of the organization through a variety of outreach activities. The center has a prayer room ministry. This provides a place for employees and volunteers to pray for themselves, the patient and sometimes with the patient. The staff has devotion time where they pray for the health center and the patient this builds a family like atmosphere, which in my opinion is awesome. Each staff member has a duty to provide 15 minute devotion of their choice one a month. The staff are seen as an investment not just by what they are paid. The staff have retreats, birthday cake celebrations and character recognition are just a few of the activities that Good Samaritan does to recognize and to show appreciation for the staff. All though the hard work of the medical staff, the administrative team attribute to overall success of the organization. The operating budget of $2.4 million, the administrative team is comprised of four or five key individuals. The team is made of a chief operating officer, a facility and administrative coordinator, a volunteer and human resource director of development and public relations. Good Samaritan Health Center benefits from having volunteers not only from a standpoint of financial savings. Volunteers are passionate and hard working this can be seen throughout the organization. Volunteers help the center provide quality medical care. The clinics growing popularity has created a steady increase in demand for its services. In 1999, the clinic provided care for 6,682 patients. In 2002, it had served 14,461 patients and in 2003, 17,000. Demands for clinic appointments exceed the center capacity. A collaboration with the Emory University Physician Assistant (PA) Program has helped by offering extended hours on Saturdays to expand patient medical care services as well as provide students with opportunities to learn medicine, cultural awareness, and social responsibility. The students see patients under the supervision of physicians ( The Emory Physician Assistant (PA) Program is a highly respected, 28-month program within the Emory University School of Medicine, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine ( Because of volunteers and the collaboration with Emory’s Physician Assistant program allows the center to treat more patients.

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