Disadvantages of Obamas Health Care Reforms

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Disadvantages of Obama's heath-care reforms
President Obama’s healthcare reform policy is aimed at enabling the Americans gain better control of their healthcare. Through this healthcare overhaul, the president aims at making healthcare insurance affordable through providing a tax cut to insurance premium for American families as well as small business owners. According to the president, this healthcare overhaul will make over 31 million citizens who earlier on did not access healthcare be able to do so. Although the reforms are aimed at increasing benefits to the citizens, a lot of contradictions emerge which put the reforms into jeopardy. Several restrictions, mandates as well as fines make the viability of the proposed reforms almost impossible. Such privileges as choosing ones doctor, reduced premium payment as a result of healthy lifestyles or the ability to buy an insurance policy which covers recent drugs and diagnostic test in the proposed healthcare reforms will be lost (Reid 43). There some underlying reasons as to why this reform will be a disadvantaged among individuals paying or even overpaying in order to benefit all. Inability to choose contents of a plan

The bill requires that people buy insurance through qualified plans which are given by healthcare exchanges. These exchanges would be developed in each state thus any form of competition in regard to the services offered will be eliminated. Federal Governments will be tasked with imposing the benefits of insurance packages. Although the senate bill has incorporated prescription drugs as well as mental health benefits, insurance of children below age twenty six, it will be difficult for such individuals to know the content of their plans and what they are be required to remit (Shi and Singh 70). The department of health services will be charged with formulating and adding other benefits to be accrued by an individual. Inability to pay real costs

A vital misdoing...
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