Planned Parenthood

Topics: Birth control, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: April 10, 2013
About a month ago, I applied to become a peer educator at Planned Parenthood. Two weeks ago, I got a call saying that I got in, and now I have to complete a forty-hour training to become certified. In the past two weeks, I have gotten very much criticism for becoming a part of this organization.

One thing that some people have said to me is that I am supporting the killing of babies. Many people think that Planned Parenthood is a very evil and inhumane organization, when really it is the complete opposite.

When someone hears the words Planned Parenthood, their mind automatically goes to ‘Abortion’. I think this is an extremely flawed mindset that people have about Planned Parenthood. In the past two weeks of being a part of this organization I have learned more than I had ever imagined.

One of the things people do not understand about Planned Parenthood is that it teaches kids how to have safe sex. I learned that 50 percent of pregnancies are unplanned, and one third of unplanned pregnancies result in abortion. Planned Parenthood is all about giving people knowledge so that they wont have to have an unplanned pregnancy. One of the many things Planned Parenthood teaches teenagers is abstinence.

Many conservative Christian groups believe that Planned Parenthood should be banned. If people really understood what a great organization Planned Parenthood was, they would not want this. The education that Planned Parenthood gives people actually helps prevents unplanned pregnancies, which prevents abortions.

I personally think that it is no ones business whether or not a woman gets an abortion, although even for people who think it is awful, getting rid of Planned Parenthood would probably make it worse.

Some people seem to have an idealistic vision that teenagers and adults will have no desire to have sex, and in all honesty, that will never happen. So my question is why not help inform people at a young age of options and ways to not get pregnant....
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