Planned Parenthood

Topics: Birth control, Abortion, Margaret Sanger Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Save America, Save Planned Parenthood
Chatia Dorsey
Bryant & Stratton College
English 101
Mr. Cockrum
December 18, 2012

If I told you a rose grew from concrete, would you believe me? How about if I told you a small building in Brooklyn, New York grew to be a savior to most of the women in the United States? Please, take me seriously. Roughly 100 years ago, Margaret Sanger opened a very tiny birth control clinic in the ghettos of Brooklyn and it has been blossoming ever since. Eight days after the business opened Ms. Sanger was arrested for giving the illegal contraception to the needy women, but that clearly did not stop a thing. Back then the institution was simply a place that administered family advice and contraception to put an end to the extremely large families the women eventually couldn’t handle. Planned Parenthood has grown to be the nation’s largest non-profit supplier of reproductive health services to men and women. It’s Not All Abortions

Back in the 1970’s people rebuked the idea of Planned Parenthood. When they thought of it, the thought of abortion was directly connected. In all actuality, you would be surprised at how wrong they are. It is said that above 90 percent of the institutions population have terminated pregnancies, but really only three percent of the entire amount of women getting assistance partake in the procedure. Although, only three percent of the nation’s babies are aborted by Planned Parenthood, pro-life supporters still believe that is enough to terminate the program. To follow through with such a request would not only not decrease the abortion rate but it will also lead these women into the back alleys and liquor sanitized, home-made surgical tools. To rid the program is only asking to endanger hundreds of lives, especially the new lives brought into the world unwanted. The newborn who reminds her mother of the rape she experienced every single time she looks into her little eyes is an injustice...
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