Plan on Smoking

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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Plan On Smoking

The incredible idea behind taking a course such as Theories of Persuasion is that a student can discover the principles and theories behind everyday decision making and beliefs. What may seem like simple ideas, in reality, are very complex processes. Fishbein and Ajzen, two researchers being discussed in class, brought to light their theory known as the Theory of Planned Behavior. In it they describe the intricacies of building attitudes and making behavioral decisions. By providing a brief summary of the theory, a real life example that directly relates to the theory, and an analysis of the possible outcomes of the theory, it becomes clear that Fishbein and Ajzen contributed significantly to the world of persuasion research. The Theory of Planned Behaviors is far more complex than just making behavioral decisions. It involves a well defined relationship between the Expectancy Value Theory, Subjective Norms, and Self Efficacy. In order to properly establish this relationship it is necessary to supply some definitions of the previously mentioned terms. The Expectancy Value Theory plainly states that “for behaviors, our attitudes were a function of our beliefs that an outcome would occur, and an emotional evaluation of that outcome.” There is a mathematical advantage that applies your rating of certain factors and weighs the positives versus the negatives. The second term that applies to the theory at hand is Subjective Norms. It a simple idea that consists of attitude determination in two separate parts. Firstly, the person considers what others think he or she should do and, secondly, whether or not the person wants to “conform to these social pressures”. Once again the term can be expressed in mathematical terms by weighing the importance between social acceptance and personal satisfaction. The last term needed to be defined is efficacy. The person making the decision needs to question whether the...
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