United States Declaration of Independence and Emotional Overtones

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  • Published : August 15, 2010
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Although they write about very different events, both Mary Rowlandson and William Bradford focus on the values and qualities of Puritanism that help them to cope with hardship. Discuss their similarities regarding their attitudes toward God and their responses to hardship.

Throughout both of these people’s stories, difficult situations arise in which they are both able to find peace and overcome due to their Puritanism faith. Mary Rowlandosn, a colonist from Lancaster, was kidnapped from her town along with her children by the Wampanoag tribe. Mary experienced hardships due to the strenuous traveling pace and lack of nourishment she faced as a prisoner. She was able to find admirations in this situation by realizing that God was still providing for her through these tough times by providing food, shelter, and friendly captives. William Bradford, a colonist who traveled over on the mayflower in order to freely worship God the way he wanted. He experienced extremely tough times during the trip over to the New World by losing his wife. Bradford also faced tough times when trying to rule the new colonist because of their non-Puritanism actions. If Bradford wouldn’t have been such a strong follower of God, he would of crumbled as a leader. Even though both of these Purist’s faced difficult phases, they both found peace and has positive attitudes toward God and were able to live through these situations.

Persuasion influences opinion through a combination of logical reasoning and emotional manipulation. Choose two of the selections you read in Collection 3. Select a phrase or image from each selection and describe both the emotional overtones and the message of these statements. Here is an example:

Selection: Speech to the Virginia Convention

Phrase/Image: bind and rivet upon us those chains...

Emotional Overtones: The statement implies that the English are making prisoners or slaves of the Americans. It seems to say that the Americans still have a...
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