Placating, Blaming, and Leveling

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Journal Six

In this activity, you will explore assertiveness. This powerful way of being creates great results, strengthens relationships, and builds self-esteem.

Write three different responses to the instructor described in the following situation. Respond to the instructor by 1) PLACATING, 2) BLAMING, AND 3) LEVELING.

Situation: You register for a course required in your major. It is the last course you need to graduate. When you go to the first class meeting, the instructor tells you that your name is NOT on the roster. You've been shut out of the class. The instructor tells you that you'll have to postpone graduation and return next semester to complete this required course.

Remember, in each of your three responses, you are writing what you would actually say to the instructor--first as a placator, second as a blamer, and third as a leveler.

Now, think about one of your most challenging academic goals. Decide who could help you with this goal. Write a letter to this person and request assistance. You can decide later if you actually want to send the letter. Here are some possibilities to include in your letter: * Tell the person your most challenging academic goal for this semester. * Explain how this goal is a steppingstone to your dream.

* Describe your dream and explain its importance to you.
* Identify your obstacle, explaining it fully.
* Discuss how you believe this person can help you overcome your obstacle. * Admit any reluctance or fear you have about asking for assistance. * Request exactly what you would like this person to do for you and persuade him or her to give you helpful assistance.

Remember, for effective requests, use the DAPPS rule.

Write about what you have learned or relearned about being assertive. How assertive have you been in the pursuit of your goals and dreams? How has this choice affected your self-esteem? What changes do you intend to make in communicating (placating,...
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