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7.05A-Respond to one of three discussion choices and submit it to your instructor. Be sure to include the name of the student to whom you responded. Choices:
It is a well known fact the field of science fiction is largely one dominated by men. Why do you think this is? In the sci-fi novels and films you know, what type of roles do women play? Are they in-depth, complex characters or are they mainly simpering, helpless victims or sexual stereotypes inserted into the fiction in order to tempt the men? What science fiction television shows, films, or videos perpetuate stereotyped characterizations of women? Which ones portray women in stronger, more capable roles?

If you are a visual or auditory learner you may want to copy and paste this into your browser to view the story:
Submit the Story Pyramid to your instructor. You may type it in a list if it saves you time.

1.( Type your list here if it saves you time)

7.06 To help you understand the story, write two answers for each item below. Theme

7.06-Submit the answers for Part 1 and Part 2 in one document for 7.06. Part 1
1.In what year was Vonnegut born?
2.What two colleges did he attend?
3.Although Vonnegut trained as a chemist, what did he work as? 4.What was his job at the City News Bureau of Chicago?
5.Which of his books, based on his experiences as a prisoner of war during War World II in Germany, made him a millionaire? 6.In what genre did Vonnegut most often write?
Part 2
1.How are George and Hazel Bergeron described? What sort of life do they lead? 2.What is the meaning of the last words of the Bergerons, "that one was a doozy"? 3.In real life, what ways do we try to make people equal? Does it work to make people equal, or just to make them alike? Why do you think we use these methods? Are they effective? 4.Consider the characters...
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