Pioneer Program and Time

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1. Видовременная система английского глагола

Тест 1
Выберите правильный вариант.
1 .When Mark arrived, the Johnsons______dinner, but
stopped in order to talk to him.
a) were having c) had been having
b) had d) was having
2. While Tom______a book, Marhta______TV.
a) was reading, watched c) was reading, was watching
b) read, watched d) read, was watching
3. The food that Ann is cooking in the kitchen______delicious. a) is smelling c) smelt
b) smells d) will smell
4. We called our friends in London yesterday to tell them about the reunion that we______. a) will plan c) plan
b) were planning d) have planned
5. Catherine is studying law at the university, and so______ Nick.
a) is c) was
b) does d) were
6.1 feel terrible. I think I______to be sick.
a) will c) am going
b) go d) will be going
7. My colleagues usually______four days a week, and tills
week they______five days.
a) work, work c) are working, are working b) are working, work d) work, are working
8. It______outside; 1 do not like to walk in such weather.
a) rains c) is raining
b) is rain d) is rained
9. I______a very difficult day tomorrow. I need to prepare
for the exam.
a) will have c) have
b) am having d) would have
10. At 10 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday Tom______
a delegation in the office.
a) will receive c) will be receiving
b) is receiving d) would receive
11. Although the sun was shining, it was still cold, because it ______hard for two hours. a) had been raining c) had rained
b) was raining d) is raining
12. She______at the parcel long enough, before she______
that it was for her brother.
a) had been looking, had understood
b) had been looking, understood
c) was looking, understood
d) was looking, had understood
13.1_____to the cinema but my friend persuaded me to stay.
a) am not going c) did not go
b) was going d) had been going
14. We were good friends, we______each other for years.
a) had known c) were knowing
b) had knowing d) know
15. We were extremely tired at the end of the journey. We ______for more than 24 hours. a) had travelled c) had been travelling
b) were travelling d) travel
16. How long______this book? How many pages of this
a) have you been reading, have you been reading
b) have you read, have you read
c) have you read, you read
d) have you been reading, have you read
17. We always go to Saint Petersburg for our holidays. We ______there for years. a) have been going c) go
b) are going d) were going
18. I have lost my key again. I______things. I lose things
too often.
a) always lose c) have always lost
b) am always losing d) was always losing
19. The economic situation is already very bad and it______
a) is getting c) got
b) gets d) would be getting
20. What time______your friend______tomorrow?
a) will arrive c) will be arriving
b) is arrived d) will arriving

Тест 2
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. We______to the top of Holborn Hill before I______
that he was not smiling at all.
a) had got, knew c) were getting, knew
b) got, knew d) have got, have known
2. Turning from the Temple gate as soon as I______the
warning, I______my way to Fleet Street, and...
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