30 Day Challenge

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30 day challenge
1. How youre different on tumbr to how you are in real life. –your so open on tumblr and not in real life. You let all your feelings out in your blogs but never tell or talk to anyone. 2. Something youre self conscious about

3. A time youd rather forget
4. A moth/year of your life when you were happiest and why 5. Your favorite 10ppl right now and why
6. Your least fav 5 people right now and why (don’t need to name them) 7. Something youre really scared of and why
8. Your most “what the fuck was I thinking? Ex.
9. Something you like that most people hate/something ou hate that most people like 10. A time you were in the wrong/treated someone badly
11. A friend you’ve lost that your better off without/one you with you had back 12. Your opinion on your own weight and what classes as too fat and too thin 13. A person you wished lived closer and why

14. Something that makes you really fucking angry
15. 5 things youre looking forward to
16. List how many people you’ve dated, kissed (approximately) and done stuff with 17. Something that’s been on your mind a lot lately
18. 5 fav girls names and 5 fav boy names
19. What you’d do if you were invisible for a day
20. Your oinion on cheating on people
21. A date you’d love someone to take you on
22. The subjects your studying and why/your job and what you think of it 23. Something youre dreading in the next month
24. A bit about your social life outside tumblr
25. Your worst look that you thought was cool at the time 26. Whether youd rather marry someone whose rich but ugly, or poor but attractive. 27. Someone who really hurt you
28. Your horoscope for today and whether you think its accurate 29. A picture that comes up when you type your name into google 30. A picture of yourself taken today
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