Pineapple and Grind Orange Peelings Extract as a Soap

Topics: Scientific method, Statistics, Mortar and pestle Pages: 3 (680 words) Published: October 28, 2011

Research Design

Research Population
The respondents were the 15 persons from the community of Brgy. Daga, Cadiz City, School Year 2011-2012. There were 2 males and 13 females in the experimental group. These respondents were those who suffer from hair dryness. These respondents were not force to be involved, but they voluntarily agreed to be a part of this investigation. Research Instrument

The research instrument in this study was a survey questionnaire. It consists of 4 specific questions regarding of the products. Each question is graded by the respondents from 1-5 points each. The researcher used different treatments in evaluating the data.

Validation of the Instruments
Two sets of survey questionnaire were given in each respondent. One for the alternative product and the other is for the commercial product. These sets of survey questionnaire were given to the respondents after the application of each products. Procedure

Data Treatment
The following are statistical formula to analyze results and evaluate the research hypothesis: 1. The Mean- is used in comparing the two sets of data because it can be easily calculated and unique.

Data Treatment per Research Questions
Research Questions| Statistical Treatment|
RQ 1| Mean|
RQ 2| Mean|
RQ 3| t-Test|

Research Design
The researcher use Control group design. Control group design- uses at least two groups, the experimental and the control group. The researcher involved in the study because the researcher is the one who will conduct the study, manipulate the control and experimental variables, the one who will make the product. The researcher conducts the study to contribute a new idea to the knowledge of other people, that there is sub-product to the commercial one, which no bad effect to the environment and to the user. Research Population

The researcher collects his sample in their community houses and farms such as insect like...
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