Physiological Adaption Fish

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Physiological Adaptation of Fish to Its Environment

March 11,2013

Physiological Adaptation of Fish to Its Environment
All organisms around the world are sparsely distributed depending on the environment that best suited to their modes of survival. Organisms undergo adaptation – an evolutionary process where they became well-suited to a particular. The process of adaptation happens through the natural selection, whereby nature selects those organisms that suit a certain habitat and sustain them for successive generation and ones that do not perish, hence the theme of survival for the fittest. The surviving species pass the same favorable features to their generation for their further survival after a progressive reproduction.

Physiological adaptation of fish to their habitat depends on what the nature favors to suit them. Below is the illustration of the external and internal features of a fish (“Internal Salmon Anatomy Worksheet Key,” 2011):

Water bodies have a diversity of conditions that enable fishes to adapt to their survival. The physiological adaptation of these animals varies to a particular habitat, and it relates to how their metabolism works to counter the changing environment. Fish metabolic activities seek to regulate their body functions in any opportune change of their environment and adapt to it. To control the body temperature, fishes undergo physiological thermoregulation. The physiological and metabolic activities regulate the body temperature and maintain it by means of countercurrent exchange system. The countercurrent exchange system is one where the hot blood in the blood vessels, as a result of muscular activities, passes along and gives up some heat to the blood in the adjacent blood vessels, which is flowing to the other parts of the body. This way fishes are able to keep warm....
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