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Topics: Life, Organism, Biology Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: February 14, 2013
How Organism Evolved Physiologically
Cassi Verkade

How Organism Evolved Physiologically
Organisms adapt to their environment but what happens when an organism’s surroundings and environment change? Physiological ecology is the study and understanding of that mechanism of living organisms and how living things work. Physiological ecology arises with an understanding of the influence of temperatures. Temperature, along with others, is one of the most important factors of Physiological ecology. “Water that is available is another major focus all the organisms that contain water in environments and disburse energy.” ("Adaptation", 2013). Many ecologists studying the importance of water in biological systems focus their research on desert species. When it comes down to most organisms locating energy and nutrients they need in order to grow and successfully reproduce is the most important and is a key part on how they adapt to their environment and surroundings. “An area that physiological ecologists are really focused on is the study of environmental stressors on organisms, for an example environmental stressors may take part in climate change, nutritional variability, disease and exposure to toxic”, ("Adaptation", 2013). Surviving and reproducing means that all living organisms must adjust to circumstances having to do with their environment. For an example, small birds need trees. “Trees are an important part of their environment because they are able to offer shade, insects for food and a natural safe place to hide from predators”, ("Adaptation", 2013). Tree branches also provided birds a nice place to design a nest where their young can grow up. Also another thing people do not realize is the fact that the blades of grass and small hair is extremely important to a bird’s environment because that is what they used to build the nest. If birds were unable to find a safe place to build nests it would be hard for their offspring to survive. If you think about...
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