Ecology and Evolution

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Ecology and Evolution
Crystal Dillon-Reeves
April 1, 2013
Howard Rubin, Ph.D.

Ecology and Evolution
Beren Robinson performed remarkable field study of threespine sticklebacks. These fish closely relate to ecology and evolution. The researchers original findings are different than that of Robinson’s field study. His hypothesis states that the threespine sticklebacks varied phenotypes are the handiwork of natural selection supporting the discrepancy in the population. Diet and the environmental conditions are the variables found in this study. The ecologists also used evidence and observation to quantify results by using information from other studies and experiments. Robinson’s study relates to evolution and natural selection, both of these play an important part in ecology. In Robinson’s study he should change the life span, growth rate and the body size to be able to understand the evolution of the threespine stickleback species of fish. In the field study that was done by Robinson, is a study that tries to determine how the species has evolved. The threespine stickleback went through an era of time where only two species of the stickleback in a lake. Original observations of researchers suggest that opposing selective pressures in open-water and shallow water are factors in the evolution of the threespine sticklebacks (Smith & Smith, 2009). The study that Robinson performs proves a different analysis, suggesting natural selection is the key factor. Robinson’s and the University of Guelph’s department of Zoology study starts with sampling from a population of the threespine sticklebacks. From the samples taken Robinson notes the habitats of open-water and the shallow water varies. This means that Robinson’s hypothesis states that the threespine sticklbacks diverse phenotypes is a design of natural selection that supports the discrepancy with in the population. To test Robinson’s hypothesis he nurtures two forms of offspring in two identical...
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