Physical Diversity in the Workplace

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  • Published : September 16, 2011
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Running head: Physical Diversity in the Workplace

Physical Diversity


A physical disability is one type of diversity in the workplace because it can cause harassment, discrimination, and occupational hazards.

Physical diversity in the Workplace

Diversity encompasses race, religion, gender, background, education, physical disabilities, and more. In life there are so many diversities that one faces. Unfortunately, the workplace is no exception especially for the employee with a physical disability. An employee with a physical disability in the workplace can be hard, but also for a co-worker and employer to accept .The employee with a physical disability may encounter discrimination, harassment, and occupational hazards. A physical disability can cause diversity in the workplace because people have a tendency to assume that a disabled person cannot perform as a person without disabilities can.

A physical disability can cause harassment in the workplace from co-workers and employers.

A physical disability can cause an employer to repeatedly contact the disabled to return to work because of questioning their disability. There are many physical disabilities that people have that cannot be seen by the physical eye. Some examples of those disabilities are lupus, diabetes, deafness, hard of hearing, and chrones disease is just a few of the disabilities. When an employer is not educated on the physical disabilities of the employee, then he or she may not fully understand when the employee has to miss work or unable to complete work assignments and the employer repeatedly calls and forces the employee back to work, which is considered harassment. A physical disability can cause co-workers to respond in a negative way toward the way the disabled have leniency. Harassment can come from co-workers who do not understand when special considerations and accommodations are made for the disabled. The coworkers may think that lenience is being given to the employee that has a physical disability; some of these may include when a diabetic feels that their blood sugar is low and may need treatment and he or she may leave to treat the problem. The coworker constantly makes remarks saying that the person with physical disability is receiving special treatment and extra breaks, this is also considered harassment. Although harassment is an awful thing to happen to a disabled person but also to receive other types of torment are even more disturbing.

A physical disability can cause discrimination in the workplace from co-workers and employers.

A physical disability can cause failure to be hired by a possible future employer. Some employers are not receptive to those who have a physical disability and fill out an application for a job in their area. They may feel that the disability will affect business to the elite social statue of their clients and affiliating with a person with a disability would lower their social status. It can be hard for someone to put aside their feelings and behavior, when they are not receptive to new things. A physical disability can cause an employer and co-workers to keep a position from one with a disability because he or she thinks the person with the disability is not capable, as someone without a disability would be for the position. When a position is held from someone with a disability because of their employers and co-workers feel they are not capable for the position that is discrimination and also just an excuse for their true feelings. Discrimination is a cruel and unjust for the employee with the disability and should not be tolerated under in circumstance. A physical disability can cause your co-worker and employer to have allegations made against you. At times employees with a physical disability need assistance with their work or task for their position. Some co-workers may go to their employer and make allegations that the person with the physical...
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