Physical and Chemical Properties Lab

Topics: Chemical reaction, Sodium, Chemistry Pages: 4 (877 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Performed: 02/05/2013
Submitted: 02/06/2013

Section 1: Title
Physical and Chemical Properties
Section 2: Purpose
This labs is intended to help me investigate chemical and physical properties of pure substances.

Section 3: Procedure
In this experiment, I observed substances in their natural state, and recorded their apparent physical properties. I then tested the substances to determine how they react when their natural environments were altered. The pure substances were tested to see how they reacted with added Hydrochloric Acid, Dilute NaOH, heat, cold and hot water. I also was to determine if the substances were acidic or basic after being heated in water, by using litmus paper.

Section 4: Data Tables
|Solubility or Reaction |

Name |Color |Odor |Effect
of Heat |Cold
H2O |Hot
H2O |Litmus Test |Dilute HCl |Dilute NaOH | |Mg |Silver |None |No Change |Floated/ not soluble |slight bubbles |Basic | Got hot and fizzy |No Change | |Cu |Copper |None |turned black |not soluble |No Change |No Change |No Change |No Change | |Zn |Silver |None |No Change |not soluble |No Change |No Change |omitted vapors and was fizzy |No Change | |MgO |White |None |Omitted gas |turned to a milky paste |Behaved violently when boiled |Basic |Got hot and turned to a bubbly paste |turned to a paste | |CuCO3 |Green |None |Turned black |dissolved to a milky green liquid |Separated back to its powder form |No Change |Completely dissolved |turned blue and dissolved | |Cu(NO3)2 |Blue |None |See observations |dissolved |Behaved violently when boiled |Acidic |See observations |dissolved | | NaCl |White |None |None |Dissolved |stayed dissolved |Basic |dissolved |dissolved | |

Section 5: Observations
While some of the pure substances listed above had very little reaction to their altered environments, others had very observable reactions....
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