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Title: Zinc and Copper II Sulfate Lab

Purpose: To determine which mole ratio of Zinc and Copper II Sulfate produces the greatest temperature change in degrees celsius.

Background: This experiment will be looking for color change, temperature change, and precipitation change. Some background knowledge I know is how to balance equations. I also know side effect of a chemical change, in this experiment there was a color and temperature change. Other background knowledge is using and applying the mole and mole ratio. This knowledge helped me do my experiments.

Hypothesis: Group 5 – The zinc and copper sulfate were the closet in amount. The distilled water was closer in amount with the copper sulfate as well, so the ratio between zinc, copper sulfate, and distilled water was the most equal and this would lead to the greatest temperature change.

1. We converted our .02 moles of zinc to grams
2. Next, we measured our 80 ml of copper II sulfate and 20 ml of distilled water and combined them in a graduated cylinder. 3. We then weighed out our zinc.
4. Then, we poured the copper II sulfate solution into a double nested Styrofoam cup. 5. Then we poured the zinc into the Styrofoam cups and observed a temperature change. 6. Next, we poured the solution through an insulated foam into a graduated cylinder.


Qualitative Data:
Zn + CuSo4 mol ratio| Observations|
.01/.09| Clear, light gray zinc|
.02/.08| Clear, medium gray zinc|
.03/.07| Milky, dark gray zinc|
.04/.06| Light blue liquid, black zinc|
.05/.05| Light/medium blue, brown zinc|
.06/.04| Medium blue, dark brown zinc|
.07/.03| Dark blue, brownish black zinc|
.08/.02| Bright darker blue, medium brown zinc|
.09/.01| Bright darker blue, lighter brown zinc|

Quantitative Data:

Group #| Moles Zn| Moles CuSo4| 3rd Hour| 4th hour| 5th hour| Average| 1| 0.09| 0.01| 2.5| 5| 3| 3.8|
2| 0.08| 0.02| 9.5| 5| 9...
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