Philosophy from the Margins

Topics: Sociology, Cornel West, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Zachary Horton
Introduction to Philosophy
Brianne Donaldson
May 1, 2013

Voices From The Margins
Bell Hooks, American author, feminist, and social activist said, “ …[the margin] is also the site of radical possibility, a space of resistance…a site one stays in, clings to even, because it nourishes one’s capacity to resist. It offers to one the possibility of radical perspective from which to see and create, to imagine alternatives, new worlds.” This philosophical view often presents questions about identity, social and societal norms, and traditional rights of life. Hooks view relates to the Voices from the Margins in Introduction to Philosophy such as Cornel West, “Learning to Talk of Race”, Gloria Anzaldúa, “La Frontera/Borderlands”, Dr. Steve Best, “Legally Blind: The Case For Granting Animal Rights”, and Carol Adams, “ The Sexual Politics of Meat”. Adams and Best present topics about animals, meat, and the exploitation and politics related. West and Anzaldúa address topics of race and unknown identity within a changing society.

“Learning To Talk of Race” Cornell West
According to West, “Only a visionary leadership that can motivate…and activate possibilities for a freer, more efficient and stable America – only that leadership deserves cultivation and support.” (355) Many times in modern society race is deemed a cause and creates a view upon certain races that begins to stick and grow into a stereotype that is damaging. Referring to the Los Angeles riots, West said, “What we witnessed in Los Angeles was the consequence of a lethal linkage of economic decline, cultural decay, and political lethargy in American life. Race was the visible catalyst, not the underlying cause.” (350) In this case, because the people involved in the riots were an ethically diverse group, the different races were immediately to blame for the damage. This creates terrible societal stereotypes. West goes on to explain, “As long as black people are viewed as a ‘them,’ the...
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